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Technical Recruitment
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Bespoke Client services

If you are a client of International visions, you can count on dedicated, reliable and effective candidate selection services… delivered in a friendly and professional manner. Some of the candidates we have placed have become hiring authorities themselves, and come back to us in that context.

We recognize that you face unique challenges sourcing specialised technical professionals locally.  We understand and seek to alleviate the difficulties inherent in recruiting for critical positions by supplying high calibre candidates from the British market.

We are focused on identifying the right talent for you. We do this with the aid of our candidate database, which contains highly skilled, and frequently headhunted individuals. We’ll save you time and effort by providing a pre-screening process which will ensure all prospective candidates meet your specific requirements, as well as assisting with the immigration process to help candidates deal with some of the unique challenges that they will encounter in preparing to make an international move to your company.