Connecting Technical Professionals,
with Caribbean Organisations.

Be our next prime candidate

We provide an introduction to the process of migrating to the Caribbean. We know changing jobs, as well as, relocating can prove to be a real challenge. This is why we put so much time into alleviating, at least, some of the stress involved and making your new career path the smoothest journey possible. We hope to achieve this by providing you with all relevant information, about your new job, new employer, and your new surroundings.
It is important to us, that we only introduce you to job opportunities that are suitable for you, and you are interested in. We ensure this by going through a short technical evaluation with you, to get a clearer understanding of what opportunities you are the most compatible with. Once we have concluded on good potential suitable job opportunities, we will go into a more detailed discussion about each position, and introduce you to the company.

We have various long term relationships with a range of Established Companies in the Caribbean, however we also actively search the job market on a daily bases, for all the new and exciting job opportunities in the Technical industry. We then send your application directly to the hiring manager, where they review your details, and contact us if they would like to interview you. At this point, we are happy to assist with interview preparation, and discuss the best and most effective ways of making a great first impression.

We understand that making an international move for a new job, will be new and exciting experience, due to this, we can offer migration support such as; Transport advice, Accommodation suggestions, and cultural education, making your new career choice a seamless transition.